Price The main goal of admission essay usually to show your reasons to enter the particular university or college. It needs to find out what do you want to gain from studying at university or college and what you could give back. A story that you will tell in your admission essay or answers that you would give will show the committee how you differ from other candidates and why you deserve to become a part of certain academy. In exceptional cases, it used to understand would applicant be selected or not.

Standard topics

The most interesting and intriguing part in writing an admission essay is a topic that you could get. Themes could be classical:

  • What events influenced your own self-development?
  • Describe a situation when you felt a responsibility for something. What do you feel at that moment? What did you learn from that experience?
  • Tell about your weaknesses and strengths. Describe how its influence on achieving goals?
  • What would you prefer if you have a choice: individual work or work in a team? Justify your answer.
  • Tell about your education, career and personal goals
  • What was your most favorite school course and why?
  • Why did you decide to chose this university?
  • Tell us about yourself, everything that you think we should know about you?

Bad topics

You also can face unusual topics, which could be interesting to write about. You may seem that choosing an unusual theme for your essay will characterize you as a brave and an extraordinary person, but you can make a great mistake. Here are the worse topics that you can choose for your admission essay:

  • Your drug experience. It is good if you handled drug addiction, but it is not the right place and time to tell about it. Yes, you will draw attention, but it will not help you to enter university.
  • Your sex life. It is obvious, that a university committee has no reason to be interested in your sex life. Something that could embrace you will definitely not help you to enter university or college that you dreamed about.
  • Your time in jail. No comments, just no.
  • Story of your heroism. If you really have done something outstanding it could be a good topic, but in your age, you hardly have done anything worth to write about. Remember: it is very unpleasant to read hubris.
  • Humorous story. Do not use the essay as a possibility to demonstrate your sense of humor. 300-words comedy routine will not open the door of university to you.
  • Do not duplicate the list your list of accomplishments in your admission essay. Repeating the same information will not impress anyone and will not characterize you as an active person.

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